Millefiori Antique Venetian Trade Beads, Strand of Matched Small Beads


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  • Antique Venetian Millefiori trade beads, matched small beads 10x7mm
  • Only one 26-inch strand available, 66 beads, all but one in perfect condition
  • Made in Venice, Italy 1800s to early 1900s, Bought in Ivory Coast 1971
  • These little beads make great earrings, bracelets or mini focals in long necklaces of even small beads, like seed beads.
  • For the collector, these beads exhibit in miniature the artistry of millefiori The complex hybrid canes combine layers of alternating cased glass with the addition of a ring of tiny white canes, which create either points, or stripes, on the finished bead depending on how they were applied or marvered
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