Indian Banjara Vintage Coin Necklace with Pendant, 17” long, plus 3” Pendant


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  • Banjara tribal vintage coin necklace with pendant, 17” plus 3” stamped pendant
  • Traditionally worn by nomadic Banjara tribeswomen of India, a group that originated in northern India, but is now found in many areas, especially in the South.
  • The necklaces are constantly being reworked, as can be seen from the old coins dating from the early 1900’s to the mid-1970s.
  • Since a woman's jewelry is often her only source of personal wealth, parts are often sold or pawned during times of need, while new or old components are added in times of plenty
  • The coins and pendant are strung on a decoratively wrapped cord
  • Collected in the 1980’s.