Naga Shell & Glass Bead Belt Extender, 6”


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  • Non-traditional, but ingenious, Naga belt extender designed with an antique chank shell & glass trade beads adds 6 inches.
  • The young Konyak Naga women who wore high status glass bead belts were, for the most part, small boned with small waists, so that the belts were usually made in 29” – 33” lengths. This extender, created outside of the culture, allows for a longer length, while covering some of the gap created between the belt ends with a 2 ½” x 2 ½” antique round chank shell.
  • The shell matches antique “royal” glass beads mostly found as accents in the belts. The piece is attached to the coin button on one end of the belt, while the extender's button connects to the loop on the other end of the belt.